Wed 28 Feb 2024 6:54 pm - Jerusalem Time

West Bank: Israeli is pushing to build 3,600 settlement units east of Bethlehem

The Israeli government is pushing to build a new settlement east of Bethlehem, south of the occupied West Bank, which includes more than 13,600 new settlement units to be built in two phases, in accordance with the decision issued by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in February 2023, to legalize 9 settlement outposts and build thousands of units. Settlement.

The commander of the Central Region of the Israeli army, Yehuda Fox, signed an order specifying the jurisdiction of a new settlement north of the town of Al-Ubaidiya, east of Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank, according to what the Israeli “Peace Now” movement reported in a statement issued today, Wednesday.

He indicated that "the settlement will include, in the first phase, 3,600 settlement units on a land area of 417 dunums east of Bethlehem, with 10,000 settlement units being established at a later stage."

He explained that this comes "in implementation of the government's decision in February 2023, to legalize 9 settlement outposts, including the 'Mitzpe Yehuda' settlement outpost."

The movement explained, "The matter includes about 417 dunums to establish a new settlement, provided that the first phase of the settlement plan requires the construction of 3,600 housing units on an area of 417 dunums for the religious nationalist public." In the second phase, "the settlement is scheduled to expand to an additional 2,000 dunams and another 10,000 housing units for the Haredi Jewish population."

He pointed out that "the Israeli Ministry of Housing recently contracted with planners and architects to prepare plans for the new settlement."

Regarding the risks of this step, Peace Now said, “The plan constitutes a strong blow to Israel’s security interests and the Palestinians, especially to the chances of reaching a two-state agreement.”

He continued, "Instead of planning for a future of peace and security for Israel, the government plans to perpetuate the conflict, deepen the occupation, and, unfortunately, continue the bloodshed." According to Peace Now data, about 700,000 settlers reside in settlements on the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.


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West Bank: Israeli is pushing to build 3,600 settlement units east of Bethlehem