Wed 28 Feb 2024 7:08 am - Jerusalem Time

Washington requests guarantees from Israel regarding the use of American weapons in Gaza

Axios revealed that the administration of President Joe Biden has given Israel until mid-next March to sign a letter of commitment to international law regarding the use of American weapons and allow aid to enter Gaza.

The American website, quoting three American and Israeli officials, stated, “The American administration will stop arms transfers to Israel if Tel Aviv does not provide guarantees by the specified date.”

Axios added, "Guarantees are now a requirement according to a memorandum issued by President Biden earlier this month, although it does not specifically concern Israel. However, the new policy came after some Democratic senators expressed their concern about the Israeli military operation in Gaza." “If guarantees are not provided by the deadline, US arms transfers to the country will be temporarily halted.”

The National Security Memorandum, published on February 8, states that before supplying US weapons, any country must provide the United States with “credible written assurances” that it will use any such weapons in accordance with international humanitarian law.

It also stresses that a country using US weapons in conflict zones must provide “credible written assurances” that it “will facilitate and will not arbitrarily prevent, restrict or obstruct, directly or indirectly, the transfer or delivery of US weapons.”

The website noted, "On Tuesday, American officials formally informed their Israeli counterparts about the new policy and gave them a draft of the letter they needed to sign to comply with it."

White House Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby stated earlier that the United States is verifying information about Israel's use of American white phosphorus munitions in Lebanon.

The Gaza Strip, which is subjected to continuous Israeli bombing, is living in extremely difficult humanitarian conditions, as the World Food Program has warned of an imminent famine in northern Gaza.

As the war in the Gaza Strip enters its 145th day, the bombing continues amid international warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe and a rise in the death toll.


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Washington requests guarantees from Israel regarding the use of American weapons in Gaza